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Tehillah Worship

full of energy, receptivity, and colour.

We see a worship and arts movement in Canada full of energy, receptivity, and colour. We see a band of musicians and artists who are not only excellent in talent but in character. We hear songs that are so radiantly beautiful that they turn entire cities to Jesus. We hear melodies that burrow their way into the hardest of hearts. We hear a sound coming from the local church that will shake nations.

This peculiar tribe of artists will not only be committed to following Jesus, but also faithful to their families and friends. These artists will be just as comfortable ministering alone to Jesus as they are to the masses. They will remember the poor by marrying songs with justice. They will mentor the next generation, be mentored by those who have gone before them and will share their lives with their peers. They will work with honest diligence - avoiding the trap of ambition. This movement will till the soil that grows healthy, vibrant worshippers. Technology and media will collide with the beauty of Jesus and the fruit will be everlasting. We see a movement with top-quality studios, equipping schools, and live venues for corporate worship and conferences. We see hot spots all over the earth and our nation that will burn brightly attracting the outcasts, misunderstood and marginalized of our society.

Innovative creativity will abound as faith, hope and love will triumphs over fear, cynicism and judgement. ‘God songs’ will invade culture and will leap over the walls that are seemingly too high to clear.

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all your colours

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April 2018



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