Kimanther’s Story

video by Juan Rodriguez

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to serve or not to serve?

written by Angela Jones


Segun & Kemi have chosen to serve!

They both serve once a month in Kids Ministry and they love it!

Segun & Kemi were born in Nigeria, moved to the United Kingdom in their 20’s and then relocated to Calgary in April 2016; eventually joining FA in October of 2016. They have 3 boys but that did not stop them from wanting to serve in Kids ministry. “There was a need at the time for more hands in Kids church and we decided to help out before going to serve in other departments. We had just completed Growth Track, and we felt blessed and fulfilled with serving in the Kids area.”

They are aware of the impact they are having on the lives of these children. “We find we are studying the Word more and we pray for more understanding so we are better equipped to teach the children in a simple way they would understand and remember. This has given us the ability to answer the numerous questions the beautiful children regularly ask. It is a growth process not just for us but for the children as well.”

They serve; making themselves available in ministry, so they can contribute to building up the body of Christ. Their invitation to you is to join them in this! “There is a personal fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with serving within the church of Christ in whatever capacity. 1 Peter 4:10-11 encourages us to use our gifts in serving one another that God may be glorified!”

These are good folk who are teaching your kids about the nature of God, but you too can help teach the next leaders of the world!

If you want to join the team, click the link below.


Jasmine’s story

written by Angela Jones

Baptism is a public way of showing those around you that you love Jesus and want to follow Him in your life. It is a moment of celebration that your old life is washed away, and your new life is beginning!

Jasmine attends FA and made the decision to be baptized in front of her family, friends and community on Easter Sunday! So many people were baptized that Sunday, and we wanted to take a moment to share Jasmine’s story with you. If you are wondering if you should take the next step in your faith and be baptized, then do it!

What was life like before you knew Jesus?

Before I knew Jesus, life was a very bumpy, unpredictable rollercoaster to say the least. Life consisted of instability, loneliness, depression, shame, emptiness, anxiety and despair. There was no clear path I was taking, as I had no purpose without Jesus. I felt as though I was living day by day, wondering when I would get to experience a ‘good life’. Life without Jesus was extremely unfulfilling and filled with temporary day to day selfish satisfactions.

What brought you to encounter the Lord and choose Him?

Even though my Grandpa used to read the Bible to me more often than not, I was in and out of my faith throughout my life due to unfortunate circumstances that led me to live with more than a handful of different families from the age of 10. This created instability for my life and my faith, and therefore, I lost touch with my faith. Later on in life, I moved in with a close friend and his wife that I now consider my ‘family’. They brought me to FA sporadically over the past 5 years. They planted the seed, even though I continued to live half in-half out. A few poor life decisions later, led me to severe mental health problems and I was desperate for a solution. No medication or therapy over the past 8 years was sufficient, so I thought the only other choice I had was to fully surrender my life to God. No more half in-half out living. 4 months ago, I booked a trip to Costa Rica on my own, and I decided that this trip would be the beginning of a new life. So, before I left, I said goodbye to all that was no longer serving me. There it began, and there Jesus began to peel back the layers. I went into the hospital the second night I got to Costa Rica for extreme low back pain, and they assumed it was kidney stones, so I stayed for a night with an IV and the next day they released me, but I still had the pain. A friend that I met prayed for me and by the next morning the pain was gone, and I was walking again. I now know that it was God cleansing me and healing me as I never ended up having kidney stones. God used that trip to start to peel back the layers that were ever so hard to peel back but was necessary. Looking back, God was with me during all of my life struggles; He was my saving grace during times where I didn’t think I could go on. Within the first month of being back from Costa Rica, I surrendered my life to God, and I am on my way to being healed of all mental health issues.

Why did you want to get baptized?

I wanted to get baptized to symbolize how serious I am about my relationship with Father God. I wanted to show God and my heavenly brothers and sisters, that I have officially given up my old life of sin, I have chosen Him as Saviour and from here on out, I will walk in obedience until the day I depart from this earth. Baptism to me was the most important day of my life.

What has happened since you were baptized - anything in regard to your spiritual journey?

Since I got baptized and have given my life to God, I have received blessings I would never have thought of. Within one week of baptism day, I received a financial blessing that I have been waiting to be approved on for over 3 years now! I started my dream job as a family support worker, I found a new Christian roommate, AND I was accepted into school for Social Work! It is heart-warming knowing that God knows the desires of each of his daughter’s and son’s hearts and how He makes all things work out for good (Romans 8:28) once you fully surrender and have Faith. I feel grateful, and forever a daughter of God, a feeling I’ve never felt before. Thank-you Heavenly Father!

A beautiful story of God’s love and Jasmine’s obedience! If you would like to the next step in your faith journey and be baptized, click here!

We want to celebrate with you!

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